School Anthem

Morning Star, Light of our lives
The darkness has lifted, the Son has arrived.
We gather together to worship and pray.
May the bliss of His presence never fade through the day.


Morning Star, Mother of Light,
Teach us to serve you, prepare us for life.
Our school where we learn to be loyal to you
Is surrounded by mountains, tall and blue
On Mica Mount in the Nilgiris hills
The altar of learning in our Gudalur..

“Bliss through Wisdom”, our motto profound.
May the bliss of the heavens on earth be found.
Teach us to know what is right and wrong
And through your wisdom make our spirits strong.

Make us humble, respectful, loving and kind,
Lead us to virtue and nourish our minds.
We will always be faithful, obedient and true,
Devoted in service to the world and to you...

Father in heaven, reside in our hearts.
You’re the true inspiration of all the arts.
Our life is a journey of trials and pain.
May our education your blessings attain.