Co-curricular Activities


The school gives great importance to co-curricular activities of many kinds. Thus, we try to draw out the best in the student helping him/her to develop all the latent skills and talents.

The services of expert teachers and coaches are made available to impart good training to students in various co-curricular activities.

The important co-curricular activities offered in the school are: computer science, audio-visual programmes, dance – both classical and western, instrumental and vocal music, karate, skating, painting, gardening, public speaking, leadership camps, school band, quiz programmes, dramatics, yoga practice, science club, stamp collection, flower arrangement, mass drill, social service, class magazines, school newsletter, school magazine etc.

English and Tamil Literary Associations

English and Tamil Literary Associations foster love for and appreciation of good literature. Regular class meetings are held to improve the power of expression by reading out declamation, speeches, skits, mono-act, songs, etc. Class magazines, school annual and writer’s forums help them to express themselves in writing articles, poems, short stories, etc. The display boards give room to exhibit paintings, collages, paper cuttings, etc. to develop personal initiatives and abilities.

Science Club

Science Club fosters students’ interest in science and technology and enables them to develop their latent talents, power of investigation and research. It also arranges talks by eminent persons on scientific topics, film and video shows, trips to places of scientific and historic importance, science exhibitions, quiz competitions, debates etc both on a local and inter-school basis, thus developing the competitive spirit.

Computer Club

Computer Club endeavours to create an awareness of the latest developments in the software and computer technology. It enables the members to prepare themselves for taking up computer work as a profession in the future.

Music Club

Music Club gives opportunities to develop one’s inherent fine qualities through voice training and lessons in musical instruments, thus making one appreciate the wider world of music..

Eco Club

Eco Club instills in the students a love for nature and the need to conserve nature for the future. Meetings are held, talks are given and lectures by invited guests are part of the activities. Students are also taken out to explore nature and learn first hand about the importance of eco-conservation.

Chess Club

Chess Club helps the students to learn the ‘King’s Game’s and sharpen their brains. Intra-school and inter-school competitions help them to shine in the game

Social Service

The Social Service League tries to develop among students a civic sense of charity and gives them the opportunity to work for the social uplift and relief of the poor and their suffering. With this end in view, students who are good in studies and having a helping nature, are invited to form a social service team. They will help to maintain discipline among students and cleanliness in and around the classrooms and to undertake social work for the under-privileged.